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A common misunderstanding about pressure sensitive labels is that they can be applied with success to any surface. There are some surfaces, or substrates, which do not readily accept a pressure sensitive label. To ensure good adhesion, most surfaces must be clean and dry -- free from silicone, oil, dust, and foreign substances. It is recommended to test a sample of the label material and adhesive on the designated surface prior to placing a final label order. We have various samples which you can experiment with by asking for them here.

The Most Common Adhesives:

  • Permanent Adhesive
    This is recommended for normal label applications where a label is not expected to be removed after it is applied. Although, it is not guaranteed to be permanent and non-removable in every application. It was developed to be as permanent as possible on a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Removable Adhesive
    This is ideal for applications requiring temporary use. This adhesive is not guaranteed to be removable in all cases; with prolonged periods of application, the adhesive may have a tendency to set.
  • Cold Temperature Adhesive
    This is specially formulated for cold storage, frozen foods, and cold outdoor applications. This adhesive has performance limitations in extreme, sub-zero temperatures and should be tested very carefully by the customer. In warm conditions, this adhesive has a natural tendency to bleed from the edge of a label, which can cause fan folded labels to block, or stick together.
  • Patterned Adhesive
    Any standard adhesive can be coated in patterns, or zones, rather than over the back of the entire label. It is not recommended to use a pattern adhesive if more than 50% of the label is to be without adhesive. Orders for labels of this type usually require a large-quantity order. Contact your IndiLabel salesperson for assistance in placing such an order.
  • Adhesive for Corrugated Material
    Certain adhesives perform better than others when applied to corrugated containers. The widespread use of recycled cardboard is one of the major factors contributing to adhesion difficulty. If a label is used primarily for a corrugated application, advise indiLabel, and we will recommend the best material and adhesive.

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