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The separation of the label from the liner is an important factor in the ultimate success of a label adhering to a surface. Most labels are grabbed by the left or right corner and stripped from the liner in a side-ways motion, resulting in a weakening of adhesive (on the corner that was handled) and breakdown of the fiber in the face material. This can cause a permanent curl in the label. As a result, label application becomes difficult and adhesion to the surface may be impaired. It is always better to separate the liner from the label, grasping the label at the top or bottom, while keeping the label as flat as possible.

Label life requirement is of great importance. The period of time required for a label to remain functional will determine the type face material and adhesive used. This is a very important question to ask your customer.

Conditions of use have a direct bearing on determining the combination of material and adhesive used. Labels exposed to outdoor conditions and sunlight may require a specialized material, ink, or adhesive -- or all three.

Not all imprinting devices were designed to accommodate computer labels. Those with small cylindrical platens may cause the labels to separate from the liner and predispense into the imprinting device. Alterations can be made in the label construction that will aid in preventing this from happening. Inform your IndiLabel salesperson of the type of imprinting device used whenever possible.

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