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The IndiLabel Quote Form is where you may quickly and without obligation, request a price quote and compare. We think you will be pleased with the result.

Please remember that you may always phone or fax us should you have questions, need additional information, or merely prefer to request your quote that way.

We appreciate this opportunity and will respond to you within 48 hours. Just fill in the form below indicating how you would like your response.

Please answer the questions on this quote form as completely as you can. The more information we can gather about your needs, the more accurately we can quote your job.

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Label Specifications

Pinfeed Margin:      Fanfold:  

Use this measuring template to guide you through the next 8 steps:

Measuring Template

Label Length [machine feed direction]:
Label Width [across the web]:
Number Across:
Horizontal [Space between labels]:
Vertical [Space between labels]:
Carrier Width:
Label Repeat [Top of One Label to Top of Next Label]:
Horizontal Perfs:
Vertical Perfs:
Face Slits [Horizontal]:
Face Slits [Vertical]:
Die Type:

Roll Labels

Number of Labels per roll:
Maximum Outside Diameter:
Ribbon Type:
Core Size:
Ribbon Size:
Direction of Roll [Please refer to diagram]:

Sheeted Labels

Sheet Size - Length:
Sheet Size - Width:
Number of Sheets:
Labels per Sheet:
Is this label Die Cut?
Butt Cut?
No. of Horiz. Face Slits:
No. of Vertical Face Slits:

Ink Color Specifications

Is this a Blank?
Does this require Process Color?
Number of Colors:
PMS Color Number(s):
Does this have a Varnish?


Type of Material I think I need:
End Use of Label:
Annual Usage of This Particular Label:


Any Special Adhesives or Conditions this Application Requires?
Type of Adhesive I think I need:

Computer Printer Information

Make of Printer:
Model Number:
Is this label applied by hand?
Applied Automatically:
Comments on Printer:

Copy Information

Is it Camera Ready?
Is there a reverse?
Is there a logo?
Solid Tint?
Percent of Coverage?
Number of Screens:
Close Registration?


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